Many people may not be familiar with all of the beautiful attractions that the state of Nebraska has to offer. While many visit the bigger cities of Omaha and Lincoln, the north-central area of Nebraska is a great place to visit that is often overlooked.

One of the most interesting places to visit in north-central Nebraska is the Sandhills region. This is vast area that takes up nearly 25 percent of the state. These grassy sand dunes roll along the open prairie. Some of these hills are over 300 feet high. Much of the Sandhills area is on protected land. The Valentine National Wildlife Refuge and the Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge protect the Sandhills.Confused? Here ‘s a little help . The Nature Conservancy also protects much of the area.

Many animal species roam the Sandhills including mule deer, white-tailed deer, coyote, fox and badger. The area is well-known for the Sandhill cranes that migrate through the area annually.

In additon to the Sandhills, north-central Nebraska is the home of many large cattle ranches. Some of these are open for visits from the general public. The Bowring Ranch is now a state historical park.

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